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This blog WILL have NSFW stuff like Gore, Smut, etc. Tags will be put accordingly. Mun and Muse are both of age for such things.
OOC TAG: ++The Snake++ IC TAG: ++The Sin++

Infine Unus Solus Esse Potest
(In The End, There Can Only Be One.)

Why, hello there person who has wandered into my world.~
I am 24 year old, Izaya Orihara, and I am a powerful and skilled underground informant who gives out information for my own amusement.
If you have the right payment;
I have the information.
(~Independent RP blog for Izaya Orihara.~
Track the tag Humanlover)

M!A Status: N/A
Main Partner Status:
Happily in a loving relationship with: Psyche
[Most relationships are AU]

-- In Case God Doesn't Show --