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Infine Unus Solus Esse Potest
(In The End, There Can Only Be One.)

Why, hello there person who has wandered into my world.~
I am 24 year old, Izaya Orihara, and I am a powerful and skilled underground informant who gives out information for my own amusement.
If you have the right payment;
I have the information.
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This is why i am not allowed to draw at 3 in the fucking morning with work the next morning because shit happens and i cannot do anything about it.

This is why i am not allowed to draw at 3 in the fucking morning with work the next morning because shit happens and i cannot do anything about it.



As a few of you may have noticed I have been lurking this past week and I do apologize for only doing that, but all my energy has been going into work and preparing for motherfucking con next week. 

I have, like.. Just about a week to get things finished and I haven’t even packed yet or finished the cosplay or styled the wig and I have been a lazy ass motherfucker and have been playing Akiba’s Tripanddoingotherthingsandbeingastupidlurkylurkandiamsosorry.


I’m not disappearing again, don’t worry, and to be honest,with how many people are following me; I can’t just leave you all without replies. So, if work gets too damn boring and I have some free time, I might do replies on my phone. Unfortunately, that means no icons and I’m going to have to do extra good!

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"You can see for yourself, all of your books came perfectly fine." And as he said, all of the books were completely fine, just exactly like when Roppi borrowed them. There wasn’t even a single speck of dust either. "But you know I am not the type who will sugarcoat my words in order to borrow stuff from you. And if you say no I will take it regardless," he said nonchalantly.

You always were a tough one to deal with.

Sighing not long after before returning his gaze down to the books and nodding in approval. Despite how irritating the other male could get, he always took care of things with the utmost care; Especially things that were not his. Not once did the informant have an issue with the borrowed things that the red puff ball returned.

Fine, fine. It’s not like I can force you to ask nicely. Take whatever you want, but leave at least some of the new ones for me to read. I have yet to read them due to business.

┣▇ Full of contradictions ▇═─


She had things to pick up… typical, there was never enough herbs to gather and the healer had to stoop to buying what she needed. The blonde preferred a low-profile… So she avoided people and main streets for the back paths in the city. Less hassle. But even as she rounded the corner at a brisk pace, she found herself bumping into a taller figure.

Clearly it was her fault, and yet after a few steps back and rubbing her head of the minor irritation she spoke harshly;
"Watch it."


All the informant was doing was his daily routine of walking casually around Ikebukuro and all he got was a ‘Watch it’.

Watch it? He was sure that this idiot slammed into him. Shaking his head, he turned to look at the female, expecting someone a little taller, but was taken back by their height difference, realizing how she would have easily slammed into him.

Shouldn’t I be the one saying that? You slammed into me, you know. Also, there is no need to be rude. A ‘sorry’ would suffice.

Thank You For The Follow




    The robot looked at the man. They weren’t sure why they had walked into this building in the first place, for now it seemed illogical to even think about walking into the old looking building. Then there was this man, asking if V1053 needed help? What sort of services did he provide inside a place such as this. Something that was so unnoticeable.

    Then it hit them, they came in due to pure curiosity. What operations did this building hold? If it held any and they had discovered something new. A sliver of humanity made it’s way through the robot’s core, leaving them rather happy. But not so much a smile was brought to their face.

          ” What sort of help do you provide?

What services did he provide? There were so many that not even he could name all of them, but then again there was his main ones. The ones that a lot of customers came for.

Well, I can either give you out information, help you find someone or help you find yourself; Among other things. 

He wasn’t quite sure what this female was doing here— she did look confused— but whatever it was, as long as she could pay up front, then he’d be fine with helping her in whatever it was.

So, what out of what I have listed has acquired your fancy? 

::STARTER:: A few weeks after… {{Closed rp with human-lover}}




"N-No no I just…truly never thought I would be the precious human you would  end up falling in love with. Y-y’know there’s so many pretty girls and everyone else out there and I just never imagined that you really liked me and the nights in the office and what we did I never knew it meant so much. I never knew I meant so much.." Mikado sniffled and rubbed his eyes a bit. 

How embarrassing to cry in front of Izaya. That’s all he ever really did in front of the older male. Just show his weak side. The side he never showed outside of this office period.

Sort of like how Izaya only showed him his scars….

"I love you… I’m so happy I’m awake the experience all of this.. I’m so happy that this is all finally happening and that you didn’t reject me…"

Mikado, there is no one else. I dislike women, all my other humans are like my children and the only other person that I ever fell for was that beast Shizu-chan, and I ruined everything with him right from the start.

The only other person that has made me feel important enough was you.

It’s been way too long since mine and Shizu-chan’s time; I needed to move on, and you appeared. I couldn’t stop it.

Admitting all this was harder than one would expect with how open the informant seemed, but there were a lot of things that he hid from everyone. Things that he liked to keep hidden, but being around the teen just made him comfortable enough to talk about them.

I love you too Mikado, and I’m glad that I do, for some reason. I can’t explain it, but I’m happy about it.




"I was just looking for books. Imported bookstore aren’t common around my place, so I figured that I will visit the one close to yours, and then visit your place to forcefully borrow some imported books again," he said casually with a shrug. "I know you import a lot of new books from overseas, those that normally wasn’t easily acquired too. Some that didn’t get imported by the bookstores over here. Lend me."

Roppi walked near to Izaya’s bookshelves as he pleased. “I see that your collections have increased since I last visited. Oh, right. I almost forgot.” He put the bag he carried on the table. “I also brought the books I borrowed from you.”

Ah, of course. Not too long ago the other had ‘borrowed’ some of his collector’s edition books that he had bought overseas and online. It was quite irritating that the other male had no regards to just asking nicely instead of just taking but..


At least you bring them back when you’re done, unlike some people where I have to personally askthem.

He said with a light huff before realizing that the red puff ball had quickly darted to his new editions to his collection. Leaning back in his chair, he looked at the books that the other returned to make sure that all of them were there.

Yeah, and you’d better ask nicely instead of just handling them roughly. Those are old and originals, be careful with them. 



How odd for the alternate to be around these parts of Shinjuku, not to mention being in the presence of the informant himself.

Raising a brow in light curiosity, the informant questioned his reasons for being here with slight interest in his voice.

So, what brings you to my humble abode?


Hey guys. 

Sorry about not being online for almost a week. After getting my tongue done, I just felt like crap because my tongue swelled up and me not being able to talk was like hell for me. It’s better now and I don’t feel like I’m constantly ill. So, I’m back in the mood for RP’ing!



Before mun collapses, we shall be taking our leave. We know that we haven’t been very quick with replying lately, but time is scarce at the moment and we apologize for that.

We will try to do better, but for now, I’m sure mun needs some cuddling and calming down before he explodes. So, goodnight to you all. See you all tomorrow.



Naname honestly couldn’t believe she was going to be making her way to Shinjuku just for the sake of trying to find some information regarding her parent’s killer, or any information that could be linked with crimes that happened during the time frame. She’d honestly rather bother Shizuo Heiwajima than deal with this man.

Entering where Izaya normally did his business, an angered grumble came from her throat the second he said that he wasn’t going to take any customers and have to leave. She’d come all that way, from Ikebukuro, to be turned away?

"Seriously?" Naname asked, annoyance in her voice. "I come all the way from Ikebukuro seeking information, and you’re not accepting any customers today? I came prepared to pay you for information too. Tch, I knew this was going to be a waste of my time,” the brunette female said turning back around to leave.

"Might as well go back and try to annoy blody then. I’ll tell him you said hi."


Not only was this extremely bothersome, but it only proved his point further that women really were annoying. The first thing this one did was barge into his office and then start huffing around the place all because he wasn’t taking any customers, and then taunt him. He wasn’t sure what she expected to gain from such a thing, but what she taunted him with laughable. 

He shook his head and then waved a hand at her.

Go annoy Shizu-chan all you want, I don’t care. I’m sure he can deal with your annoyance instead of me. As I said;

Not taking any customers today.

The money was a tempting matter, on the other hand, but.. It had been far too long since he’d had a break and he sure as hell wasn’t going to let some hormonal female take that away from him.

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"Hm? …How may I be of service?

Yet another for the endless pile of newcomers had arrived at his door. He wasn’t quite sure how to deal with all these new people and beings appearing into his presence, but, oh well.. It was better than having no clients or interaction what-so-ever.

::STARTER:: A few weeks after… {{Closed rp with human-lover}}




Mikado actually felt a huge wave of relief as Izaya spoke. He couldn’t really believe this was truly happening. Maybe in dreams they occurred, but… since this was becoming real.. He wanted to be beaten up just to feel the pain and reassure himself he was wide awake to this confession. 

To his new lover that he could be with for as long as they wanted. Izaya’s tone of voice sounded so genuine and real. After everything he said the while back, and it seemed like those words never actually came out or traveled to his mind. The ravenette couldn’t help but let his soft side finally show, tears smoothly trailing down his cheeks and he couldn’t hold back a larger smile from making its way onto his lips. 

"That truly…makes me happy to hear you saying that, and I’m awake to be seeing this all…"


Mikado.. Are you okay..? 

He queried as he watched the slow streams of tears roll down the other’s cheeks. He couldn’t quite understand why such a reaction, but he sure as hell wasn’t going to let the teen sit there in such a state.

Without a moment’s hesitation he pulled the teen into a deep hug as his lips placed themselves atop the other’s head; That half of his face remaining there as he held the crying teen in place.

…Are you worried that this is a dream? 

The informant questioned as half-lidded optics looked down at the raven locks and listened to the slightly bated breath. He didn’t want the other male to worry about such things. He didn’t want him to panic or get paranoid. 

Do you need me to prove that it’s real? I’ll do anything.


I’m only going to do a couple more replies before I go to bed. I seem to have gained a headache and it’s quickly starting to irritate me beyond belief.

Not to mention that I have work in a few hours and I’ve also riled myself up because of the new piercing that I am getting later. I’d rather be more than just half awake for it all.