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So, because the original mun for this account has basically lost the muse for this account in particular, I have taken, with their permission, up the chance to take over this little account and rp with my own Shizuo.

Don’t worry I am someone that most might know, Mainly under the other tumblr name, Human-Lover.

Yup, yup. Got myself a Shizuo muse. Bleh.

Anyway. Hope I do him justice and I hope you guys enjoy him!

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Just what the hell was that?


//Hey guuyys. Sup?

I should be back sometime next week. At my partner’s house at the moment, since I recently moved and have had no internet for two weeks so I’ve been limited to games and manga and drawing and family acting like children.


Hopefully, internet will be back next week and I can rp and talk to you all once again!

Sorry about the inconvenience. It has been a tough few weeks.





I’ve been a little too stressed out lately to do any sort of rp with how much is going on at the moment in my life. I have tried sitting here and getting on with them and all I seem to do is just stare at open rps without so much as a clue on how to reply. So, for times like these, I have decided to open up an art blog and do a little improvement drawing and also just for the fun of it.

I also do take requests, guys! If you want anything, leave me an ask on that blog and I shall put it on the list and draw it whenever it is next up on the list! I’ll draw anything. You just have to tell me what it is you want, a reference image would be great, and tell me in detail if you want anything special.

I’ll do canon characters, OCs, NSFW. Whatever. Even shipping.

<333 I’ll get back to rp when I feel a little better.


Asher here.

Fuck, guys. I know I said I’d be on more often, but I’ve been super busy this week with jobs and stuff that I just haven’t had the time to come online.

I should be back to normal tomorrow. I’ll do replies and all that aaalllll tomorrow since I’m a little too tired today.

Just thought I’d let you guys know. I’m not leaving again. Don’t worry.

I’m sorry, again.

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"This may sound strange but...welcome back, older self."



It is not strange in the slightest. I thank you for the welcome back.


He grinned wide and latched onto the other’s arm. “Then let’s go~” He giggled and pulled the taller raven along at first, wanting to hurry to Russia Sushi.

He chuckled as he was easily dragged by his younger self to one of his favorite sushi places. He couldn’t help but feel excited right now, just being around his younger self was one thing, but having Ootoro with him? Damn. Now that was different.

Okay, okay! We’ll get there.~ Calm down.~


//Aw, shit guys.

Sorry I wasn’t on yesterday. Had quite a busy day with family coming over.

I’ll get to rps and starters today. Sorry!

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//Ah. I’m a little tired and have a slight headache so I’m going off to go make a few more Izaya icons, chill and draw for a bit. 

I’ll get to replies tomorrow.

See you all tomorrow.~

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She glared at him okay so this human maybe a harder to crack than she thought, but she was good at pushing buttons too, her eyes gleam as she moves stuff on his desk around blue and red light slipping down the back of her hands, how could she get to him?
Oh for stateing that i am the superieior here,how ever i was already aware so what do besides be a little worker bee in.this drap office,what exctily is this place anyway? She moved things around on his with her eyes,looking at him

How irritating this alien freak was. Could a being really get that egotistical? The informant gave a low hum of displeasure before his eyes followed the items that were being moved around his desk.

Just as quickly as the items were moving, a knife was suddenly slammed down on a pile of papers that were about to move to the right, the tip of the blade going through all 20 layers of paper with enough strength to make the whole desk shudder.

The informant then arose from his seat and flicked the blade back into it’s handle before putting the weapon back within his pocket.

I do apologize, but as I said, I’m an information broker. In other words, I do not give information out for free. No matter the information. I may give it out for free if it entertains me, but right now.. No.

I have somewhere to be, though. So, if you could please leave, that’d be real nice.

He was clearly dismissing this alien and walking towards the door; Going past the figure with no ounce of care for it.

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Today was an overall strange day — from the lack of humans parading around the streets to the peculiar thickness of the city air. It was even stranger how easy it was to corner this flea-ridden condescending bastard during this moment in Shizuo’s life.

Shizuo had this situation planned from the beginning. As soon as he was told that Izaya was going to be working with them on some half-assed jobs, Shizuo knew that his time was now, and he couldn’t let it pass him.

Tom had no idea what Shizuo had planned when they came here, nor did he know that the blonde had talked to the guys who owned this particular apartment a little while earlier. They had come to an agreement — be out by the time they got there and Shizuo would make sure their debts were covered.

Of course, from hearing all that scuffling and movement from above after Tom knocked, Shizuo could only assume they weren’t interested in keeping up their half of the bargain and would very much likely pay for that decision at a later time.

He didn’t really care how or where they managed to escape to. They were gone by the time he and the flea were able to make their way upstairs, and that’s all that really mattered.

As long as they were alone, Shizuo didn’t really give a rats ass about what happened to them.

Stepping inside the tiny room holding the other, he closed the door behind him, locking it before giving a good long stare at the back of the raven’s head. The monster — it knew what it wanted. It wanted a certain bastard laying motionless on the ground. It didn’t matter how he got it, as long as he did get it.

The monster always got what he wanted.


He marched forward, the raven still turned away from him. He knew why. He knew Izaya didn’t want to look at him, and nor did Shizuo really want to look back into those deep crimson eyes. Besides, there weren’t many who cared to look at a monster such as himself. So he decided there was only one course of action for this situation—

He reached his arms around the informant’s head, fingers latching over his eyelids before he slowly began to pull back — applying pressure on the other’s skull and forcing his eyes inwards.

If you can’t take away the urge to look, then you might as well take away their sight.

As soon as the informant stood within the room for long enough, the atmosphere dropped to a sickening cold temperature which sent the hairs of the informant on end. He wasn’t sure what it was that caused this reaction, but his curiosity was soon answered by the sound of a click.

A click.. What would make that sound..? The trigger of a gun..? No.. That wasn’t right.. The.. Lock of a door.

The man soon realized why his body was reacting so nervously to this whole ordeal, the door had been locked behind him and there was a presence that the informant had hoped to never feel again. 


That awful, choking dread was back to taunt him.

He wanted to turn around, he knew that he needed to turn around, but his feet wouldn’t move. The sheer sensation of fear of what was behind him had trapped him in place and no matter what he did it wouldn’t allow him to move an inch. Crimson optics shifted to look down at the floor beneath him in hopes of trying to find an answer to his escape. Was there one..? Who knew? He needed to find an answer quick before it became too late. Unfortunately his brain was a little too frazzled and slow.

The next thing he felt was a deep crushing sensation along the skull of his head and a deep penetrating pain as fingers were mercilessly pushed into his optics. It was enough to send him into a small panic and to make his whole being break into a sweat. He had felt pain before, but he’d be damned if he was going blind.

Quickly, he pushed the button upon his switchblade that he had been hovering over so carefully for the past few minutes and with a twirl of his wrist he quickly pulled it out all at once with the blade facing backwards as a tight grip was placed upon the handle of the knife. There was no time to think; He thrust it back and slammed the sharp tip against any area of the taller male’s abdomen area in hopes of piercing it. Luckily, he felt the rest of the knife push it’s way through and it was enough for him to escape the grip that he had been placed upon.

Shuddering lips, shuddering shoulders, just everything was shuddering. There wasn’t an inch of his body that wasn’t quivering in fear; Showing it. Something he loathed doing. If there was one thing that the informant feared, it was death itself. He would welcome it, but with great agitation.

He looked down at the mess that he had placed upon the glistening blade. It had never been so covered in that red, sticky substance more than it was now, and for good reason.

But this was bad. 

He had made the situation worse, but necessarily.

Wide crimson eyes were locked upon the male before them without any sign of moving. That face.. It was full of malice and pure blood lust. It was terrifying. Just that glint in the blonde’s eyes, that twisted grin, that corrupt look. He was far gone and there was nothing that the informant could do to stop it with his own hands.

He took a step back, carefully, into the wide open room. He needed an escape more than anything right now, but he just still couldn’t quite grasp what to do. His brain just didn’t want to wrap itself around the situation.

They say that an animal is unpredictable once it is cornered.

Right now, the informant had a desire to just run. For once in his life, he wanted to run and hide, possibly for good, possibly until this whole thing blew over; Whichever was more desirable.

But, no.. No, no, no. Fight or flight had kicked in ever so violently that it was making his blood boil and his body tremble. What the fuck was he thinking? Run? That’s not what he does. Not in these situations. No. You fight the fuck back.


The knife was so tightly gripped within his hand that it was causing his skin to go a deep pink along where the edge of the handle was pressing into his skin. You could almost hear the rumbling of the other’s internal growling with how quiet the room was and the clattering of the informant’s teeth. The tension in the room was also almost asphyxiating and it would take a lot to bring it back down. 

Finally, his voice returned and despite the perturbation that the informant was displaying, his voice was still that same, arrogant and calm tone that it had always been.

You’ve wanted this for a while, huh, Shizu-chan?.. To destroy me once and for all? If you think that will make everything better, then fine.. I’m right here.


Why is this icon in my izaya icon folder?

i’m sure this is young shizuo?

i mean, it’d be cool except for the fact that it’s in there TWICE.



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Has Izaya ever had daydreams of screwing mikado or masaomi senseless in his office?

If I must be honest. I have, indeed. And oh boy do they get messy. Hell, I’ll even toss one off after when I wake up if I am little too heated. It’s all fun and games, right?

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More people? My, his office certainly was getting a lot of interest today.

At least this time it was two people that the informant recognized instead of an alien or something odd like that.

Come in. The office is open.




Shizuo didn’t even realize that he was holding his breath until the raven walked past him into the building. Not even until the informant had begun his ascension on the staircase had he finally let out a painful cough, his hand immediately covering his mouth in response only to pull away to find that—

Wait, was that blood?


He stared at his hand for a moment, considering the possibility he had come down with some sort of disease. Maybe the inner workings of his mind — the monster — had become too much of a burden on his body and he was finally destroying himself from the inside out.

It wasn’t until Tom asked him what was wrong that Shizuo had realized that what he was considering was nothing more than a load of crap and he merely had been biting the inside of his cheek a little too hard. The stress of that evening was putting him on edge. He had to relax. He had take deep, calming breaths and think of better things. Things that weren’t in relation to Izaya’s head hanging from a light post.

But of course the monster wouldn’t have that. The monster didn’t like peace and quiet. Where was the fun in that when you had a perfectly good victim right in front of you?

—You can still taste your own blood, the monster chuckled.

—Shut up, Shizuo replied.

But the monster knew better. Even if Shizuo was in control of his humanity right now, blood — even if it was his own — was something that only stirred the creature even more. But it didn’t matter. He had to forget about that…thing for now. It wasn’t easy, but what other choice did he have.

He spat out the small pool of blood that had managed to form in his mouth before following the flea up the steps.


Shizuo stared at the empty apartment while he let Izaya be nosy on his own. They left Tom downstairs, since their forceful entry would likely equate to some sort of scuffle and it was an unspoken rule that Tom would be apart of none of that.

So of course that meant Shizuo and Izaya were stuck working together.


Oh, the monster couldn’t be more happier.

The human side on the other hand had very good sense in leaving, but he was there for a reason. Tom wouldn’t have left them alone if he didn’t think Shizuo would be able to handle it.

But for the first time since they’ve met, Tom was wrong.

Shizuo remained frozen by the window, refusing to turn his gaze towards the man wearing the fuzzy-jacket knowing very well that if he did he wouldn’t be able to hold anything in anymore. Instead, he focused on a set of children playing tag just across the street. Running past them was some middle-aged man looking as if he was late for an appointment. And then there was Tom — standing next to the mulberry tree in the front of the apartment complex while talking on the phone with what was most likely their boss giving them a run down of the current situation.

He furrowed his brows, reaching a hand up to touch the glass as if he were a mere child, almost like he was afraid and needed the attention of somebody who loved him, only to shatter it in the process.

Then there it was again. More blood. Only this time it was on the tips of his fingers.

He pulled his hand away, staring at it as he felt his vision blur. Tom trusted him. His boss trusted him — and he was about to destroy everything with the simple mistake of letting that thing take over again.

Shaking, he pressed his hands against his face, dragging it down so the blood now striped his once-clear skin. War-paint. That’s what it could be deemed as. It was barbaric, but there was no better word to describe the thing forcing it’s way to the front of Shizuo’s mind.

There was a pause, Shizuo standing motionless again.

No, he might have blamed everything on the monster but there really was no denying it.

Human or not, Shizuo was responsible for his actions. Everything he did and was about to do was entirely his choice. He was the monster, and really, at this point, he simply didn’t care.

He heard the opening of a door, spinning his head around until he was staring directly at the man a good couple meters away from him. How easy would it be to just walk over and kick his head into the ground. To end it all now. To satisfy himself so he could go running back to Tom like he always did—

But he refused.


"Not yet," he whispered, the first thing he said aloud since the flea managed to make an appearance. If things ended too quickly, there wouldn’t be any satisfaction. There’d be disappointment. It’d be a waste of a good kill.

All he had to do now was wait.

—There was something wrong here.—

The informant reached a hand to open this door that had perked his interest. Was it the door that had perked his interest or what was behind it? And maybe.. It wasn’t even that.

He gave a quiet gulp and proceeded to twist the handle that locked him from the other side and then pushed, slowly. What he was greeted with, was not something that he was expecting.

What was this? There was… There was nothing in this room! It was an empty room with nothing but a window and a single bed. Now this scared and worried the informant. He could sense a looming fear cower over him. What were those voices that he had heard beforehand, then? Were they just random punks that escaped..?

How could his informa— Wait.. No.. It wasn’t wrong. This was an operations base, but what the informant had so stupidly missed was that it was nothing more than an operations base for the lowest forms of drugs. This wasn’t of any proper threat level. The bastards had come and gone with all their stuff because there was so little that they could just hide it and carry it all. One small slip-up and he was already feeling like he was in deep shit, but why?

He wasn’t under any threat, was he? Not to mention.. How did they escape? There were no open windows. He needed to investigate. Damn, did he hate when he was wrong. It just made his blood boil.

And, once again, he would make another slip-up. 

That beast.

The man turned upon his heels and faced the male that was behind him, mouth ready and waiting open as he was about to say that he was going to investigate this putrid room, but he was instantly paralyzed by the sight that he was presented with.

…Blood? But.. When? 

The other had a clear line of fresh blood upon his face, had he hurt himself..? What did the informant care? There was something deathly wrong here.

He decided to shake it off, for now, and look to the side as he raised a hand, pointing to the room behind him with his thumb from over his shoulder; Forcing his cocky smirk back upon his features. He couldn’t let the other male know that there was even a hint of deep worry brewing up within him. No. That’d be a pain if he did and the other would never let him down about it.

I’m going to investigate this place. I’m not sure how they escaped, but I need to find it and note it down. Can’t have this happening again.

His heart was racing, again, enough to make the veins upon his neck pulsate from underneath his pale skin. Fuck, why did it keep doing that today? Nothing too bad had happened at all, yet, and he never had any problems before with jobs. So, what the fuck was it’s problem today? It was irritating..

Just as quickly as he turned to look at the other, he turned to face the room. 

Take a break, Izaya. Everything will be fine. It was just a hitch in the plans, is all.

He thought to himself, just to reassure himself that everything was fine. Listening to his own thoughts, he took a deep breath before exhaling it; Preparing himself before taking another step.

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